Bondi Beach Rentals are the experts in vacation and rental property management in Bondi Beach. They are passionate about their business and in providing clients with a friendly, professional, comprehensive service along with specialist advice. We are excited about the continuing opportunities in the market and delight in sharing their knowledge of their local area.

Vanessa’s children are 5th generation Bondi-istas so her connections with the beachside area are very deep. Along with her knowledge of properties and the market in Bondi and surrounding areas, she has tremendous experience in property management.

As the founding director of Bondi Beach Rentals, Vanessa believes the company’s success is due to two factors: the wonderful relationships built with Sydney property-owners and the beautiful properties Bondi Beach Rentals is proud to manage and recommend. She attends to the security and presentation of each property and ensures all clients receive timely, honest and practical responses to their enquiries.

Whether you are considering renting out your property or else looking for a vacation, short or long-term rental, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and share our experience with you.

How We Started

Vanessa had just started her new family and wanted to experience living overseas as a young family. After doing the rounds of the local real estate agents and property management companies, Vanessa found it impossible to find an agent who would manage the property while they were away and any property managers she spoke to were insistent that if she wanted to rent out their home they would need to put all of their belongings in storage.

This is what led Vanessa to set up her business Bondi Beach Rentals- her company organising short term leases, specialising in the attractive and iconic beach side area of Bondi in Sydney. “There was a gap in the market, two years ago their wasn’t really a market for just going away away for Christmas and being able to keep all of your belongings in the house”, Vanessa said. Vanessa not only managed her own property but soon found friends wanting to do the same thing and so she began looking after friends properties and the portfolio of Bondi Beach Rentals grew very quickly. Vanessa got herself her Real Estate license and has now become the leader in Short Term rentals in Bondi Beach.

Since Bondi Beach Rentals inception in 2009, the market for short term leasers and holiday makers has grown significantly so marketing and honing their strategy has been important for Vanessa’s business. “There are lots of websites with house swapping now, the trend was really just starting two years ago when we began, but now it’s huge business -particularly in Bondi as there aren’t many hotels on Bondi beach”. Before using AdWords Express “we were advertising on a number of holiday renting sites and had looked at Google AdWords before but we hadn’t set it up well”.  The market is more competitive for Bondi Beach Rentals now but Vanessa has found that “since we began using AdWords express there’s a lot more traffic on the site, so we’re getting a lot more properties from owners as well as enquiries from people looking”.

Vanessa now allocates most of her marketing budget to online and has found a niche for her business with AdWords Express because she is “specifically international visitors coming to stay, so people typing into Google ‘Bondi Beach Rentals’, are our main priority now, as opposed to or domain.” Bondi Beach Rentals has now been using AdWords Express for three months and Vanessa is pleased with the results “We’ve seen the increase of traffic through to out website since, we always asks our owners and guests how they found us and it used to be through many different avenues, and now it’s through our website which is great and I can see that with the number of click thrus coming to the site, and it was obvious to see weeks after we started.”

Vanessa is excited for the future of the business, she now operates out of an office in Bondi and her business continues to grow! “In the past we were focusing on third party websites, but now we know how to drive traffic to and we’re focusing on our own website”.