Guest Booking Guide

The following steps outline how to secure your booking with Bondi Beach Rentals.
1. Bondi Beach Rentals will email you:

  • A Booking Summary outlining the costs and details of your booking
  • A copy of our Terms and Conditions.

2. Once you have read through the documentation carefully and are ready to secure your booking you will need to do the following within 48 hours:

  • Provide Bondi Beach Rentals your Credit Card details
  • Agree that by supplying your Credit Card details you accept our Terms & Conditions
  • Confirm that you are over 21 years of age
  • Accept responsibility for all matters pertaining to the booking.

Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions will apply to all occupants (‘you’, ‘yours’, ‘guest’) who stay at any property managed by Bondi Beach Rentals. We only accept bookings on the Terms and Conditions outlined in this document. It is your responsibility to read and understand the Terms and Conditions before making a booking. You must ensure you and all visitors comply with these Terms and Conditions, which also include any by-laws or house rules relevant to the property (where applicable), which are available on the notice board of any strata building and in our Welcome book. A breach of these Terms and Conditions may result in, but is not limited to being evicted from the property, losing your security deposit and/or other monies paid (or owed) by you.

1. Reservations & Payment

1.1. Bookings at the tariff quoted are not guaranteed until we have successfully processed a deposit and you have received formal confirmation from us in writing.
1.2. A credit card is required to secure all bookings
1.3. A rental bond is mandatory on all properties. The rental bond is designed to cover any additional costs incurred including, but not limited to any breakage, damage or excess cleaning requirements, additional guests not registered etc. Your rental bond is refunded, less applicable deductions where necessary as described under these Terms and Conditions within 3 business days of your departure.
1.4. Credit card payments incur a processing fee of 3.3%.
1.5. If the deposit and final payment is not received by the due dates, Bondi Beach Rentals reserves the right to cancel the booking and apply cancellation charges as stated in item 2 (Cancellations) of this document.

2. Cancellations

Cancellation by Guest:
2.1. Cancellations must be made in writing to Bondi Beach Rentals
2.2. A partial cancellation of a booking is not accepted.
2.3. Cancellations up to 3 months prior to the letting period – the Guest will be entitled to a full refund of all deposit monies paid less an Administration fee of $50.00.
2.4. Cancellations within 3 months – The deposit will only be refunded if and when the property is re-let for the entire term of the cancelled booking. Any shortfall between the bookings will be deducted from the refund and an Administration fee of $100.00 will apply. If a new booking cannot be secured, monies paid will not be refunded.
2.5. If a refund is made via bank transfer, the Guest will be liable for all bank charges incurred.
2.6. No refunds will be given for early departures.
2.7. Refunds are made within 5 working days of departure to the credit card supplied at the time of booking. Where payments are made via bank transfer it is your responsibility to provide us with the relevant bank account details for your deposit to be refunded at the time of booking.
Cancellation by Owner:
2.8. If the Owner cancels at any time prior to the letting and a satisfactory alternative arrangement cannot be made, the Guest will receive a full refund.
2.9. Bondi Beach Rentals will endeavour to replace your booking with another one of our properties, however we cannot guarantee to provide a property and take no responsibility for any loss of accommodation or the associated costs incurred as a result of a cancelled booking.
Travel insurance:
2.10. Guests should consider their need to buy travel insurance to cover cancellation costs, medical expenses, personal belonging and other travel related expenses during for the term of their stay. Guests should read the terms and condition of their travel insurance policy carefully to understand the policy coverage.

3. Arrival

3.1. Property Access: Full payment must be received before access to the property will be provided.
3.2. Check-In/Out times: Check in is 2:00pm and check out is 10:00 am. Please inform us of your arrival and departure times at least 7 days prior to the start of your holiday. This will help us to provide you with a better service and avoid delays. If we have not heard from you, a representative will also contact you 7 days prior to your arrival to confirm times.
3.3. Arrival inspection: It is your responsibility to advise us within 2 hours of check in if the property does not meet your expectations or if you have any concerns about the condition of the property.
3.4. After hours: If Guests arrive outside of our office hours (10:00 am – 5:00 pm) there will be an additional charge of $25 for arrivals between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm and $50.00 for arrivals after 7:00 pm.
3.5. Identification: You will need to present photographic Identification (license or passport) and your credit card details upon arrival and prior to the property keys being released. Your details will be recorded and stored securely for the duration of your stay. Bondi Beach Rentals adheres to the Privacy Act.
3.6. Documentation: You will be required to sign and accept our Terms & Conditions (as listed in this document) and a Key Release form.

Terms of Stay

3.7. Owner/Manager Access: The owner or manger reserves the right to conduct inspections, repairs or general property maintenance while the guest occupies the property, with reasonable notice. If access is required, the manager, owner and any contractors will respect your privacy and will do everything possible to minimise any disruption and inconvenience.
3.8. Occupants: The names and number of people provided at the time of booking must be accurate for the guest/s who will occupy the property. If the registered number of guests exceeds the number agreed, a fee of $100 AUD per person, per night will be deducted from your rental bond. If other guests occupy the property other than agreed, the total deposit may be forfeited and the owner/manager reserves the right to terminate the guest’s booking immediately.
3.9. Keys: Key collection and drop off is available from our office unless otherwise advised prior to your arrival. It is the guest’s responsibility to keep keys secure and lock the premises during their stay and on departure. Keys are not to be given to people other than those registered without our written approval. Keys are to be left according to the exit instructions provided within the property welcome guide and/or as advised by us. If keys and/or remotes are lost or not retuned on check out, a replacement fee upwards of $50AUD (depending on the type of key/remote) will apply.
3.10. Lock Outs: If lock yourself out of the premises during office hours, a key can be borrowed and collected from our office, provided we hold a spare set. If a staff member is required to bring a key to the premises during office hours a $50 fee will be incurred and deducted from your rental bond. If a lock out occurs outside of our office hours or in the event we don’t hold a spare key, it is the responsibility of the Guest to arrange and pay for a locksmith to assist with re-entry.
3.11. Security: It is your responsibility to maintain the security of the property. You will be held responsible for any incident that occurs during your stay or upon departure as a result of leaving the premises unsecured.
3.12. Recycling and Garbage: Guests must dispose of all garbage and recycling appropriately within the designated bins located outside of the property. Guests are to comply with designated council garbage collection and recycling days; and any special requirements as described in the property welcome guide. Excess rubbish must not be left in the property upon vacating or in public or common areas.
3.13. Access & Parking: You must comply with all parking regulations and show consideration to neighbours and other vehicles. Where parking is provided, Bondi Beach Rentals will confirm the maximum number of vehicles permitted onsite and the designated parking spaces.
3.14. Internet: Reasonable use of Telephone and Internet services are included if advertised as supplied with the property for short-term rentals. If Internet access is not available and has been advertised with the property, we will refund $5 per day for the number of days you are without service. Reasonable usage guidelines are listed in the property welcome guide. We are not responsible for any mechanical failure, breakdown or failure of your equipment to
connect with the connection provided. If a property does not include the Internet, USB Internet sticks can be supplied, fees apply.
3.15. Common BBQ Area: If staying within a property that has a common BBQ area, please gain permission in writing from us before using it as different strata owner corporations have different policies regarding usage of common areas. Please make sure you clean the BBQ and remove all rubbish from the area when you have finished. Failure to do so will result in a $100AUD fine and will be deducted from your Rental Bond.
3.16. Pool: Properties with pools are unheated, unless otherwise agreed by us. Heating costs will be agreed in writing at the time of booking.
3.17. Mail: We are not responsible for any mail or items delivered to the property. If you request mail to be retrieved, re-sent or redirected from a property, additional charges will apply.
3.18. Pets: Pets are not permitted at any time in the property (including balconies, common areas and grounds), unless otherwise agreed by us in writing prior to arrival. Welcoming any pets into the property without written permission will constitute a total loss of your security deposit as the property will need to professionally fumigated and cleaned for health and safety reasons.
3.19. Smoking: The property is strictly non-smoking unless otherwise agreed by us in writing prior to arrival. If the property is located in an apartment building the common areas and external grounds of the building are also non-smoking areas as they are considered part of the premises. Smokers may smoke outside the property and its common grounds and must respect the neighbours and the environment by disposing of cigarette filters appropriately.
3.20. Noise, Disturbances, Parties & Functions: Please respect the property’s neighbours by keeping noise to a reasonable level at all times, particularly between 10pm and 8am, and from engaging in any drunken, obscene or antisocial behaviour. You must abide by any noise abatement order issued by police or any regulatory authority. Private parties, functions and weddings are strictly prohibited without explicit advance written permission. Any disruption, disturbance or unauthorised parties affecting neighbours is prohibited and may result in termination of your rental and loss of the total security deposit.
3.21. Complaints from Neighbours: Any reported complaints from neighbours (i.e. excess noise, damage, unauthorised parking, excess or improper garbage disposal etc) charges will start from $100 AUD per complaint and will be deducted from your rental bond. Unauthorised parties and functions will be fined at $1000AUD per night and may also incur additional cleaning, garbage removal and repair charges where applicable.
3.22. Utilities: For stays longer than exceeding 2 months, we reserve the right to charge for electricity costs on a nominated nightly amount, which will be deducted from your rental bond. Rates may vary depending on the size and features of the property and may increase without notice due to prolonged usage of air conditioning and heating.
3.23. Other: Other charges may apply if Movies etc are available for hire or excess use charges.
3.24. Lost items: You will be charged at $20:00AUD per hour to recover items left behind in the property, pus any shipping/freight costs associated to return the item to you. Any items unclaimed after 14 days from departure will be disposed of.
3.25. Damage, Theft &/or Loss: Any damage (including breakage), theft or loss is exclusively your responsibility during your stay. You will be responsible for damage to the property, equipment, fixtures or fittings, common property or to neighbouring properties caused by your negligence, but not ‘fair wear and tear’. You are also responsible for damage caused by registered occupants, your guests or other people invited into the property. If the property
is damaged during your occupancy due to accidental, negligence or a willful act by you or your guests, the property will be repaired by us and this cost deducted from your rental bond. If your rental bond is not sufficient to cover all costs required to replace or repair the damage, we are authorised to deduct additional funds from your nominated credit card. You may also be responsible for additional rental fees if the property is unable to be let by another guest as a result of the damage. Any damage over $500AUS may result in a report being lodged with the police as reckless damage. ‘Fair wear and tear’ means the deterioration that occurs over time with the use of the premises, even though the premises receive reasonable care and maintenance. ‘Negligence’ is defied as failure to give care or attention especially when this causes damage or harm.
3.26. Travel Insurance: Guests should consider their need to buy travel insurance to cover cancellation costs, medical expenses, personal belonging and other travel related expenses during for the term of their stay. Guests should read the terms and condition of your travel insurance policy carefully to understand the policy coverage.
4. Issues with a property:
4.1. Reporting problems: It is the Guest’s responsibility to report any problem with the property to Bondi Beach Rentals immediately, either by telephone or email. Bondi Beach Rentals will endeavour to fix the problem as soon as possible.
4.2. Emergency Contacts: If a problem arises during your stay, please report the issue to Property Maintenance. Contact numbers are supplied in your Welcome Kit. We understand you are on holidays and will do our utmost to solve the problem as soon as possible.
4.3. Retrospective Compensation: No compensation will be provided if a problem is reported upon completion of your stay. If there is a problem, you must call our office and write a complaint at the time of discovery.
4.4. Construction Noise: Bondi Beach Rentals cannot predict construction plans and has no control over construction noise. A Guest may reserve a property at a time when there is no construction in progress nearby, however construction may begin prior to your arrival. We regret any inconvenience, but we are not able to facilitate relocations or refunds.

5. Cleaning / Linen Services

5.1. Linen: A one-time setup of fresh bed sheets, bath towel, hand towel and face washer will be provided per registered. 1 x bathmat per bathroom and tea towels will also be supplied. Beach/pool towels are available on request. If any linen is missing from the property or is damaged, the applicable replacement cost will be deducted from your rental bond.
5.2. Additional Beds: Guests can hire extra bedding and bed sheets if necessary upon request. Fees apply.
5.3. Cleaning: A daily cleaning service is not included however is available at an additional rate. The cleaning cost is charged at $30.00AUD per hour, with a minimum of a 2-hour call out fee. During your stay, and with 48 hours notice you may request additional cleaning and linen changes ($20.00AUD per bed including towels). If a mid-stay clean is cancelled by a guest, we require 48 hours notice to avoid a minimum 2 hour call out fee. Penalty rates apply when cleaning is required on the same day, a Sunday or a public holiday.
5.4. Arrival clean: If the property is not cleaned to an acceptable standard for your arrival, it is the Guest’s responsibility to report the issue to Bondi Beach Rentals within 2 hours. The issue will be resolved within 48 hours of being notified or as agreed.
5.5. Departure clean: You are charged a cleaning fee on departure.

6. Departure

6.1. Check Out: Check out time is 10:00 am unless otherwise agreed at least 7 days prior to departure. If guests and their property remain in the property after the agreed check out time, 50% of 1 night will be deducted from your rental bond.
6.2. Lock up: On check out, you must ensure all doors, windows, garages and or appliances are turned off. A fine of $200 will apply if Guests do not comply.
6.3. Rubbish Removal: All debris, rubbish and discards are to be removed from the premises and placed in the designated bins outside the property. Any soiled dishes are to be placed in the dishwasher and cleaned.
6.4. Excessive Cleaning: If the premises is left in an unreasonable condition or kitchen dishes are stacked in the dishwasher and cleaned, Bondi Beach Rentals will charge for extra/excessive cleaning which will be deducted from the rental bond.
6.5. Appliances and BBQ: Please make sure that the barbeque (BBQ) and oven are left clean. Failure to do so will result in an additional $50 charge for each appliance.
6.6. Rental Bond Refund: Your rental bond will be refunded to your credit card or transferred to your nominated bank account once the property has been inspected and within 3 business days of your departure (the Guest is responsible for all bank charges).
6.7. Key Return: Guests are to return all keys, security passes and parking buzzers / remotes. Keys are to be left in accordance to the exit instructions provided within the property welcome guide and/or as advised by us. If keys and/or remotes are lost or not retuned on check out, a replacement fee upwards of $50AUD will apply.
6.8. Sundries: All additional charges accrued during your stay are to be paid prior to departure (e.g. rented movies etc) or will be deducted from your rental bond.

7. The Guest agrees with the landlord

7.1. To maintain the holiday rental property and its contents in the same condition as at the beginning of the holiday and leave the premises in a clean, tidy and undamaged condition.
7.2. To pay the rent prescribed herein in advance.
7.3. The premises or any part thereof shall not be used for any purposes other than a holiday accommodation and that no more than the agreed number persons are to be accommodated.
7.4. Not to assign or sub-let the whole or any part of the Premises.
7.5. All damages, breakages and losses to the Premises and/or furniture, furnishings and lock and key replacements are to be reported to the Agent immediately.
7.6. The Guest will be responsible for the cost of any damages or breakages caused by Guest or the Guest’s party or any additional cleaning charges.
7.7. No furniture or effects are to be removed from the premises.
7.8. The Agent is allowed to enter and view the state of repairs of the premises within 24 hours of notice given.
7.9. Fish or any other seafood are not to be cleaned on the premises.
7.10. No responsibility is taken for any personal property left in the premises and the Agent or Owner may dispose of any such property immediately.
7.11. The Guest or any persons using the premises shall not conduct themselves in a manner that is a nuisance or annoyance to adjoining or neighboring occupiers and shall comply with the requirements of all statutory laws, regulations and by-laws applicable in respect of the premises. The Guest agrees to abide by any rules or regulations set by the community.
7.12. In the event of the Premises being offered for sale, to allow the Agent to inspect the Premises with prospective purchasers during reasonable hours by appointment.
7.13. In the event of the Premises being sold, the booking is cancelled and all deposits monies will be refunded in full. A minimum of 1 months notice shall be given.
7.14. At the time of the booking, the Agent has described the Premises and its position to the best of their ability and in good faith as accurately as possible and that no responsibility or refund for
7.15. The Guest agrees to maintain where applicable all Fridges, Washing Machine, Dryers, Microwaves etc and upon leaving ensure they are in good clean working order.

8. Other

8.1. Minimum Rental Terms: Longer minimum stays may be required during holiday periods.
8.2. False Pretence: Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check-in.
8.3. Rate Changes: Rates are subject to change without notice.
8.4. Exceptions: To the above-mentioned policies must be approved in writing in advance.
8.5. Confidentiality: This agreement is strictly confidential and is not to be shared with unauthorised parties including neighbouring properties.

9. Penalties

9.1. Loss of keys/remotes: Fees start from $50, this may increase depending on lock/remote types.
9.2. Lock-up on check out: For unsecured doors/windows and/ or appliances left on, a $250 fee will apply
9.3. Non-compliance: Failing to comply with our Terms & Conditions -from $150 upwards and/or loss of bond.
9.4. Excessive cleaning: from $50.
9.5. Loss of linen: from $20 per item.
9.6. Late Check outs: if not approved by Agent, the following fees apply – 50% of one night.
9.7. Lock out: Fee – during office hours: $50, After Hours: Guest to arrange and pay for the locksmith to assist with re-entry.
9.8. Call out: Fee – during office hours: $50, After Hours: $100.
9.9. Excess utility usage: Excess charged to Guest
9.10. Unapproved Party Fee: $500 per day plus any additional charges for any damages, including those to neighbouring properties.

10. Liability

10.1. Bondi Beach Rentals acts only as a booking Agent for the Property Owner and administers the property on his or her behalf.
10.2. Bondi Beach Rentals cannot be held responsible for the actions of the Property Owner.
10.3. The rental agreement is between the Property Owner and the Guest. Bondi Beach Rentals is authorized to issue booking confirmations on behalf of the Property Owner.
10.4. Bondi Rentals cannot be held responsible for any claims for refunds, nor for compensation claims. All refunds and compensation claims are at the discretion of the owner of the property. Bondi Beach Rentals must be advised of any complaint during the term of your stay as no compensation will be provided if a complaint is reported upon completion of your stay. Bondi Beach Rentals will pass the complaint to the property owner who will advise Bondi Rentals of an appropriate course of action. Bondi Beach Rentals acts as an intermediary. Any legal dispute that may occur will be between the Property Owner and the Guest.
10.5. Bondi Beach Rentals cannot be held responsible for any death, injury, accidents, break-ins or any other damage by whatever cause.
10.6. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children whilst staying at all properties managed by Bondi Beach Rentals.
10.7. Bondi Beach Rentals advise all Guests to take out adequate travel and personal insurance to cover all risks.

11. Breach of Terms & Conditions

11.1. Should the Guest breach the terms and conditions above then the Agent may re-enter the Premises.
11.2. Breach of any of these terms and conditions shall also permit the Agent to refuse to hand over the keys and/or immediately terminate the holiday letting.
11.3. All bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions.
11.4. By providing your credit card details and/or paying any monies and/or collecting keys you agree to these Terms and Conditions.